JOURNEYS WITH DEMETER provides additional notes and commentary
for the Ancient Greek Hymn to Demeter including the following webpages:

(Lines 001-014) The Narcissus
(Lines 015-032) The Abduction
(Lines 033-050) Demeter’s Novena
(Lines 051-061) Hecate’s Witness
(Lines 062-089) Interview with the Sun

(Lines 090-104) Descent from Olympus
(Lines 105-117) Women at the Well
(Lines 118-144) Doso’s Story
(Lines 145-170) Hiring a Goddess
(Lines 171-189) At the Threshold

(Lines 190-205) Iambe’s Jest
(Lines 206-211) Mixing the Kykeon
(Lines 212-232) Accepting Demophoôn
(Lines 233-254) Rebirthing a God
(Lines 255-279) Transfiguration

(Lines 280-295) Epiphany at Eleusis
(Lines 296-309) Demeter as Shiva
(Lines 310-333) Iris & the Messengers
(Lines 334-358) Hermes Visits Hades
(Lines 359-383) Hades Returns Persephone

(Lines 384-413) The Pomegranate
(Lines 414-440) The Reunion
(Lines 441-469) Meeting with Rheia
(Lines 470-482) Rites of Demeter
(Lines 483-495) Triumph of Demeter


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